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Frequently Asked Questions
  • add Is the bread freshly baked?

    Yes! Our bread is always fresh and baked to order  just for you. This is why we require orders to be placed in advance. What can possibly taste better than freshly baked bread?

  • add How long before I receive my order? Delivery times?

    It takes 48 hours from the time your order is received for us to bake and deliver your bread. This is because we bake-to-order using a traditional, slow process to make your bread the healthiest and tastiest loaf you can buy - your loaf takes a full 24 hours to be transformed from flour to final loaf! Deliveries are made by 5pm on the day (however, we try to make delivery as early as possible). We deliver 6 days a week with no delivery on Tuesday.

  • add Which bread should I try the first time?

    If you haven't tried our breads before, we suggest the Fifty or Great White. If you love multigrain bread, the Seedy is a great choice. Or if you prefer denser whole grain breads, we recommend the Whole Wheat.

  • add Are your whole grain breads 100% whole wheat?

    We have bread for every preference! Our Wholewheat loaf is 100% organic stone ground whole wheat flour. For those looking for a lighter loaf, we have the Fifty which is 50% organic stone ground wholewheat flour and 50% wheat flour. And for those who like their bread light and white we have the Great White which is 100% wheat flour.

  • add Whole Grain breads? Whole Wheat?

    Our whole grain breads are made with 100% stone ground whole wheat flour or other whole grains. Zero refined flours. These breads have a lower glycemic index than breads with refined flours as well as contain more fibre. We use 100% Organic stone ground whole grain flours.

  • add What is sourdough? How is sourdough bread made?

    Sourdough is a mixture of flour and water fermented by a complex mixture of wild yeasts and microbes like lactobacillus. This mixture is then used to ferment and make sourdough bread - the only way to make nutritious bread for over 6000 years.

  • add Does sourdough bread taste sour?

    Our breads are not noticeably sour - we have crafted our breads  to have just the right balance of naturally occurring flavours; the naturally occurring subtle sweetness of the crust, balanced with the delicate flavours that result from the fermentation process. We’ve listened to our customers and ensured that our breads are just right for your palate - you will find our loaves delicious and will be coming back for more.

  • add How should I store my bread?

    Your loaf is a fresh product with zero preservatives so it must be kept refrigerated after delivery at 2C. If you intend to store your loaf longer than 5 days it can be frozen for upto 6 months at -18C. Bread slices are best when lightly warmed in a toaster, frozen slices can even be placed directly in the toaster. Remove, toast, enjoy. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Freezing bread is the gold standard of keeping bread fresh.

  • add Can I reschedule or cancel an order?

    Yes. Orders can be rescheduled upto 48 hours before the delivery date. Orders can be cancelled within 90 minutes of placing your order either via your Pure Brot account, email or WhatsApp (we do not accept cancellations over the phone).

  • add What is a subscription?

    A Subscription is a ‘package’ of breads with a one time upfront payment. We offer packages of 8, 16, 24, and 48 breads. Put your deliveries on autopilot! Change delivery schedules, your breads, pause and restart whenever you wish. Plus you'll save money with reduced delivery fees.

  • add Can I buy just one bread? Loaf Sizes?

    Yes. Absolutely, you can buy just one bread. Our artisan and sandwich variants are either 400g or 800g.

  • add Is the bread available at retail?

    Yes. Our breads retail at Foodhall Stores, Nature’s Basket Stores, The Farmers Store Bandra, Fresco Bakery Juhu; and for orders placed via our website we deliver to your doorstep right across Mumbai.

  • add Are all your breads organic?

    All our breads use 100% stone ground organic whole wheat and whole grains. Breads that contain refined wheat (maida) may or may not contain organic refined wheat. We use organic wheat when available at affordable prices as we wish to keep our breads affordable for everyday use. Because refined flours do not contain the same health benefits as whole grain flours the higher prices do not justify the cost for our customers.

  • add Ingredients?

    We follow the rules of the Real Bread campaign. Just flour, water, salt, and yeast. ( add the link to Real Bread Campaign).

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