Pure Brot - Pure bread. Real bread.
Pure Brot - Easy to digest.
Pure Brot - Rye, Whole wheat, Emmer bread.
Pure Brot - Fifty, Seedy Sourdough bread.

Pure brot
deutsches landbrot

Pure brot deutsches landbrot
Pure breads.
Just flour, yeast, spring water
a pinch of salt and a little love


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loaves delivered to your home
weekly or fortnightly


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Tea, Jam & chutneys.
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What our Customers are saying

"We have a unanimous verdict... are you ready? It was abosolutely delicous. Alf and I both agree its the best bread we have had in Mumbai. The texture we think was spot on. A perfect crust. Not too hard not too chewy. Yes it was very dense but like Alf said, exactly like German bread should be. Alf was seriously in heaven!"

Sam & Alf

"The Roselle Jam is amazing! It's so unique and reminiscent of cranberry or lingonberry in sourness, but with floral undertones. I'm hooked!"


"I was positively shocked how good the bread is. The consistency, taste and shape is just like back home in Germany. This is by far the best I've had in the last decades in India!"


"Honey is amazing! Reminds me of the one we're getting at home from a neighbours bee hive. Loved the jam. And I'am a jam maker-so very critical!"


"Just gets better! Your gluten free loaf is simply amazing! Had some guests over the weekend and it was finished like a tea cake! Impossible Foods make incredible bread!"


"Your Organic Loaf is totally Supreme !!!!! Its a meal in itself !! Well done!!"


"Just wanted to let you know my daughter just loves your bread. As long as it lasts me I always take 1-2 slices with me as snack when we are out. :)"


"It is a piece of home for me! My daughter and husband love it! As soon as the bread is delivered I have to have a slice with butter only. Delicious; what a great alternative to the fluffy toast!"


"We find the caraway seeds to have an earthiness that blends really well with the crumbly texture of the bread. The amaranth gives the flour a smooth texture flour taste is subtle and the Kala Jeera taste is distinctive when you toast with coconut oil or enjoy with some Delhi style mango pickle! The bread is made with quality ingredients and the lack of preservatives ensure the family is happy!"


"Your breads are amazing! My daughter loves them (even the amaranth bread) and she can really be picky. ;)"


"Thank you! After 6 years I found a bread that I can eat and enjoy! I will continue ordering as long as you are making it! :-)"


"Just wanted to tell you that we have been enjoying the bread immensely!! It is delicious, wholesome and very satisfying. In short we are quite addicted to it!! Most importantly, Alina has also started enjoying it!!"


"My grandson has fallen in love with the Roselle Jam"