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Ciabatta 1982 Artisan (400g)
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(Vegan) Ingredients: Wheat Flour Refined (Maida), Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Sourdough (yeast), Salt. Not only does this fantastic bread make the classic Italian sandwich- but it’s history is equally fantastical...we’ll try and keep it as short as possible. The year is 1982. The 64 8-Bit computer is released. The first compact disc is sold in Japan. Micheal Jackson releases Thriller. And at a mill in Italy Arnaldo Cavallari is especially excited. For years Rome could only look on, horrified, as large scale imports of baugegest from France threatened to monopolise the sandwich market in Italy. It was time to hit back. After weeks of testing, refining, and adapting existing regional loaves- Cavallari invents Italy's very own dedicated snack bread! It may be a young traditional bread- but it’s still worth making the right way!
Storage Note

Breads can be refrigerated at 2C for upto a 7 days (refrigerator temperatures may vary and affect recommended storage times). We recommend freezing most of our breads as they'll keep perfectly at -18C (frozen slices can be placed directly in the toaster). No Fuss. No Rush.

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